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How to Apply for AC Milan Academy Scholarship

AC Milan Academy stands as a celebrated institution renowned for its commitment to developing young football talent. Established in 2001, this prestigious academy boasts a rich history of nurturing aspiring players within a professional and supportive environment. Situated in Milan, Italy, the academy provides top-tier facilities and expert coaching, aiming to instill not just footballing skills but also strong values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.

The core philosophy of the AC Milan Academy revolves around a holistic approach to player development. The academy’s curriculum focuses on technical proficiency, tactical understanding, and mental resilience, aligning with the renowned Italian style of play. Through a blend of structured training sessions and competitive opportunities, the academy aims to mold well-rounded individuals equipped for success both on and off the pitch.

AC Milan Academy serves as a breeding ground for future football stars, with a track record of producing notable talents. Its pathway to the first team embodies the academy’s success, showcasing players who’ve risen through the ranks to represent AC Milan at the highest levels. The academy’s commitment to excellence in player development, coupled with its rich footballing heritage, solidifies its status as a revered institution in the footballing world.

AC Milan Academy Scholarship:

The AC Milan Academy scholarship presents a remarkable opportunity for talented young footballers aiming to excel in their sport. These scholarships often require a combination of strong footballing skills, academic excellence, and a dedication to the values espoused by AC Milan.

Beyond just honing football abilities, the scholarship program seeks individuals who display qualities like teamwork, discipline, and a commitment to personal growth. These scholarships serve as a pathway for deserving candidates to access top-notch training, coaching, and facilities, empowering them to pursue their dreams within the esteemed AC Milan Academy.


Kids can get into the club by impressing the AC Milan Academy scouts during soccer trials. But if you’re from another country, you can also apply online on the club’s website or by writing a special essay.

Those who want the scholarship at the AC Milan Academy should:

  • Share info about themselves, past clubs, and contacts.
  • If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parents’ permission.
  • Show why you need financial help if applying for the scholarship.
  • If you’re from another country, sending in a video of yourself can help.

Get accepted in AC Milan Academy:

  • To be considered for the AC Milan Academy scholarship, aspiring footballers typically need to display exceptional talent, dedication, and a strong work ethic.
  • Participation in trials or showcases organized by the academy is often the initial step to showcase skills.
  • Successful applicants demonstrate not only technical prowess but also embody the values cherished by AC Milan, such as teamwork, discipline, and commitment.
  • Additionally, fulfilling academic requirements and providing necessary documentation, such as a football CV, references, and proof of financial need, if applicable, can strengthen one’s application for the scholarship.

Official website:

Visit the official Academy website “” to begin registration and also to learn more.

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