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How to Apply for FC Barcelona Youth Academy LA MASIA

FC Barcelona, often simply referred to as Barça, stands as one of the most iconic and successful football clubs globally. Founded in 1899, this Catalan powerhouse has woven an illustrious history punctuated by a unique brand of possession-based, attacking football known as tiki-taka. The club’s motto, “Més que un club” (More than a club), encapsulates its significance beyond the football pitch, representing Catalonian identity, values, and a commitment to social causes.

Many aspiring footballers dream of joining FC Barcelona, captivated by the club’s rich history, renowned football philosophy, and esteemed La Masia academy. The allure of donning the iconic blaugrana jersey and stepping onto the pitch of the Camp Nou resonates deeply with young talents worldwide.

The prospect of being part of a club that not only prioritizes technical excellence but also embodies a unique style of play, fostering creativity and teamwork, fuels the aspirations of countless aspiring players. For these students, joining FC Barcelona represents not just a chance to pursue their passion for football but also an opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture and philosophy that has produced some of the sport’s greatest legends.

About FC Barcelona Youth Academy “LA MASIA“:

La Masia, the revered youth academy of FC Barcelona, stands as a cradle for footballing excellence, renowned globally for its role in shaping the future stars of the sport. Founded in 1979, this academy has honed the skills and character of prodigious talents, cultivating a unique footballing philosophy deeply rooted in technical proficiency, intelligence on the pitch, and a commitment to teamwork.

La Masia isn’t just about producing exceptional footballers; it’s a nurturing ground for holistic development, instilling values of discipline, humility, and respect alongside footballing prowess. Its legacy is palpable, having birthed an extraordinary generation of players like Messi, Iniesta, and Piqué, emblematic of Barcelona’s distinctive style of play that transcends mere victories, representing a way of life deeply embedded in the club’s identity.

Steps to apply for FC Barcelona Youth Academy “LA MASIA“:

Lots of folks wonder how to get into the FC Barcelona Football Academy. You can join through things like the FC Barcelona Football Trial, special recruitments, or being scouted by Barcelona Football Scouts. Sometimes, players get noticed through local games, video calls, or club-sponsored reps. Apart from passing Barcelona’s academic tests, young people can also sign up to get in.

Scouts often suggest that athletes begin their clubs to grab the attention of bigger clubs. Here’s the top method, according to expert advice, on how to get into the FC Barcelona Football Academy.

To apply for the Barcelona Football Academy, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Solid Academic Record: Make sure your school grades are good and get recommendations from your teachers.
  • Personal Information: Share details about yourself, your past clubs (if you’ve been in any), and your contact information.
  • Parental Approval: If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parent’s consent.
  • Financial Proof (if needed): If you’re applying for a scholarship, show why you need financial support.
  • Video Submission (for international applicants): If you’re from another country, sending in a video of yourself could be a helpful way to showcase your skills.


These scholarships are quite like the ones for international students in soccer. But here, they care more about how much you need the money and how well you do in school, more than some other scholarships.

  • You need your school grades and your teachers’ feedback from high school.
  • To even be considered for this soccer scholarship in the US, you’ve got to pass a sports test at a Barcelona Foundation soccer academy.
  • If a kid gets Medicaid, they’re seen as needing financial help.
  • Kids who get free or cheaper school lunches will be looked at most closely.
  • When you’re applying for free soccer scholarships in the US, they’ll check your family’s tax past.
  • If you’ve already got a scholarship or a chance at a soccer academy in the US, you can’t apply here.
  • This application is mainly for families with lower incomes.

Scholarships are usually given out at the start of every season and cover some or all of a kid’s training at the Soccer Academy. If parents or guardians think their kids are good at soccer, they should apply.

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